Shedhouse Farm - Small batch seasonal food producer run from a small scale farm.

Shedhouse Farm

Project Details

Shedhouse Farm is a small batch seasonal food producer run from a small scale farm. We create condiments using natural preservation techniques, sourcing the ingredients directly from organic and natural growing farms across the Northern NSW region and from onsite our farm. We use nothing artificial or imported.


  1. Grow and source the product inputs from natural and sustainably grown produce.
  2. Use natural preservation techniques, adding nothing bad, keeping all the good values while reducing waste output.
  3. Educate customers on the values of what we are producing and how to access these values through transparency in product information and process.


  1. Values

    • Real Food. Low Travel. Low Waste.
    • Closed loop. Regenerative. Sustainable.
    • S.L.O.W. Seasonal. Local. Organic. Whole.
    • Transparency and education around ingredients and process.
  2. Range

    • Ferments & Pickles
    • Sauces: Hot Sauces, Chilli Sauces, Table Sauces
    • Seasonings & Spice Rubs
    • Tonics & Pickle Juices
    • Snacks & Creative Condiments
  3. Techniques

    • Fermenting, Brining & Pickling
    • Smoking & Dehydrating
    • Curing & Aging
    • Growing from seed
    • Natural & Regenerative farming practices

More Information

Every product contains the life that was grown into the produce that we use to create our unique and funky products. Nothing is taken away, the natrual preservation process adds beneficial bacteria. We minimise waste by using as much as possible to create a range of products and use the rest to feed animals and create garden inputs.

Shedhouse Farm is situated just outside Kyogle and all of the labelling, packaging design and other elements such as website, social media and signage are done in house.

Our goal is to produce real food products that have low travel with high nutritional value from seed to seal, only adding good, changing little and using as much as we can to reduce waste.

Our range consists of smoked, fermented, pickled, dried and similar styles of preserving food using natural techniques using seasonal and fresh produce.

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