PermaDesign - Permaculture Design System


Project Details

Permaculture Design Systems for the Digital Landscape. Leveraging systems of natural design to create efficiencies in the digital landscape and provide benefits of Digital Design Systems for Permaculture Design.


  1. Create a connection between the natural and digital landscapes by integrating Permaculture values into Design Systems.
  2. Provide information and digital resources for practicing Permaculture Design.
  3. Create digital design system assets based on the values of Permaculture.


  1. Information

    • Articles and guides around using the system.
    • Presentations demonstrating the concept and sharing the resources.
    • References to relevant external Permaculture and Design System resources.
  2. Resources

    • Design System documentation and recipes.
    • Figma document for using the system in digital design systems.
    • Figma document for designing Permaculture designs using the Atomic Design method.
  3. Consulting

    • Presentation, workshops and onboarding for designers and design teams.
    • Energy flow mapping for design systems.
    • Consolidating Permaculture design elements into Atomic Design patterns.

More Information

PermaDesign is a philosophy based on the connection between Permaculture Design and Digital Design Sytems.

PermaDesign System is a Design System resource for designating elemental and systemic form around the function defined by energy flow through digital landscapes, creating natural patterns of design, that are capable of evolving and benefit life in all its forms.

The core concepts of the system are Ethics, Principles and Patterns.

The Ethics are Earth care, People care and fair share. By thinking from these perspectives, acting according to these ethics, we can use them to empower design decisions in alignment with permanent culture thinking.

The Principles are a set of governing guidelines that keep things aligned with the values of Permanent Culture.

The Patterns are observed from top level through to atomic detail and are used to identify common energy flows and opportunities for optimising those flows.

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