About Me

G'day, I'm Mick

G’day, I’m Mick. I make different creative things for a range of mediums.

Coming from a digital design and tech background and presently designing flavourful things from my small farm in Kyogle, Northern Rivers situated in New South Wales, Australia. I’m also working on some projects around creating experiences and connections between natural and digital landscapes.

My career, life experiences and personal interests have lead me to a great appreciation of the world of design and systems and a desire to create in a broad range of mediums.

At the intersection between nature and technology, my aim is to create unique and creative forms that derive function from nature and flows of natural energy.

After a tree change from the city life of Brisbane in 2020 with a career in digital design, I polarised my life causing a paradigm shift that would lead me on a journey designing flavourful products. Seeking and creating the source of my products and along that path finding the way of regenerative practice and permanent culture living.

It is here that ideas flow and I could get a greater understanding of how energy flow works to provide us with all that surrounds. Observations from these processes and experiences are what I am sharing with the world.