About Me

Who Am I?

A real life living Creative Technician that uses various tools to make unique things for people to use and enjoy.

I grew up using the web and gaining a solid understanding of how to interact with it using pixels and code and found a form of functional art to express myself.

Starting my career in Brisbane after finishing school, I applied myself to all areas of technology, finding my evolving areas of expertise, keeping up with the progressions and growth of the world wide web and the rise of mobile and other devices.

I have experience working on projects big and small in teams of all sizes. Working from a web designer & developer, through UI/UX to product designer and Head of UI, in my last job in the online gaming industry, I was able to build many fun products and experiences for heaps of people to use.

In those roles I designed and built industry first apps, new feature mobile widgets, style guides and design systems to brand and device specifics. I also got to design some cool products from the branding, mobile & desktop designs, interactive prototypes and even write some of the code too.

What am I up to now?

I now live in Kyogle, Australia. I run a farm, growing produce and making naturally preserved food products and apply my full stack design skills to food my startup Shedhouse Farm. From branding, website, social media graphics, printed signs, stationary to the design of the physical product packaging and even what’s in it. This has had full spectrum of what I can do with creative application and it’s only just the start of the project.

Here I am able to find a balance between freelancing and farming food and I’m keen to get involved in projects that are looking for creative solutions.

Freelancing & Creative Consulting

Currently available for projects that require a creative approach in the areas of UI/UX, product design, MVP designs, wireframing, prototyping and other areas of digital design and UI development.

Want to see more?

Get in touch for more info and creative solutions. [email protected]